Our Services

Lawn Edging

Plastic and concrete lawn edgers provide a finished look and containĀ mulch or rock located adjacent to lawn or treed areas.









Using natural landscaping materials such as mulch provides an easy and economical way to instantly change the look of your yard. When done properly, they also act as an effective, natural weed barrier. Other choices include bark and/or numerous types and sizes of rock.





Lawn Cutting

A Honda Mulching mower is used to help keep your lawn looking healthy and green, it puts natural nutrients back into the lawn without bagging. This weekly/monthly service can also include edging of sidewalks, trees and shrubs. Prices are based on the size of yard and areas to be cut/edged.Do you have a friend or neighbor, near by, that is looking for the same service? Ask about multiple contract discounts for customers in your area.
NOTE:Summer bookings start at the end of April.

Tree Trimming/Removal

Do your trees and shrubs need a little TLC ? Removing sucker growth with proper reshaping will transform your yard. The end result of this service will have a huge impact and allow you to enjoy a low maintenance manicured look, all summer. We can also remove your unwanted trees, This service includes cutting the tree down as close to the ground as possible, clean up and debris removal. stump grinding is optional.


Hedge Trimming

For a neat and tidy look, small or large hedges can be trimmed once every 3-4 weeks. This service includes shaping and debris removal. Pricing is based on overall size and length of hedge.






Junk Removal and More

We can remove and dispose of unwanted household items. This service includes load, haul, and disposal at the Edmonton Landfill. Prices are based on dumping fees, labor, and use of required equipment.

Eavestrough cleaning

Are you tired of climbing up a ladder to clean out your eaves? We can do this for you by removing all debris from your eaves/downspouts, followed by a thorough washing with your garden hose.

Yard Clean Up

Do you have"usable"space taken over by weeds, quack grass, overgrown trees or other unwanted "stuff"? We can reclaim your usable space by providing a partial or complete yard clean up, including debris removal.





Landscape Yard Clean Up

Is the rock in your yard In need of a little clean up ? Over time rock areas fill up with all kinds of debris, sticks, leaves, needles. We can clean it up to look new again, by using commercial blowers to remove the debris and then pick everything up with lawn vacuums. We then pressure wash the rock to leave it looking like it was freshly laid.





Snow Removal

We provide monthly residential snow removal contracts. All prices are based on lot size, and includes ice melt and traction material as needed. There is no limit to the number of visits per month. Enquire to see if we are servicing your area.
NOTE: Due to the high demand for this service, we do limit our contracts each winter. This ensures the highest level of service to our customers. Please enquire early to avoid disappointment.



We can rototill existing and new garden plots, with optional soil conditioning available (IE:sheep manure, peat Moss, sand).